Report about Technical-Communities by Students

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Report about Technical-Communities by Students

Post by computeracademy on Mon Jul 14, 2014 11:27 am

Date : 28-6-14
Venue : Amphi Theatre
Audience : III BCA/ BSC ( CSME/CSMS)

Computer Academy has always been the most prestigious clubs in Kristu Jayanti .Bagging the overall championships at various intercollegiate IT-Fests, is not a new tale for Computer Academy. Each time the computer-science students were out for a fest, they proudly placed golden feathers on the cap of Kristu Jayanti College. And the various technical communities have acted as co-creators in framing highly qualified IT-professionals not only within the Jayantian framework but also in the big industry outside.

Logical thinking and programming ability of each student is analyzed and improved in the coding and debugging club. The skillful and efficient package of resource-persons is an additional advantage that makes the club remarkable. IT-domain is growing fast and is subjected to changes every now and then. This need of the hour is dealt within the IT-quiz club where quizzers are planted and nurtured. Creation and maintenance of websites are taught and made to practice in the web-designing club. Basic skills in html, css and JavaScript are ensured to all the participants.

The skills to present and convey a message technically needs training .This session of Jayantian-development is carried out by the lecture/presentation club. Managing an event is a talent not beneficial for the IT- field alone but life as a whole and hence important is the event management club. The statistics, electronics and mathematics clubs aim at building up strong base in the respective subjects so that the students are ready to face an industry where trends change to big data and nano-technology.

As Charles Darwin has rightly put it, this is an era of the survival of the fittest. When competition tightens up in the IT-industry skills in multiple respects are necessary to equip Jayantians with perfect talents to manage stress, organize events and to guide a team. And the IT-Manager club has proved its efficiency in framing future IT-Managers.
When every club works together the magic happens. That has been and would ever be the mystery behind the victories of the Computer –Science department.

Department of Computer Science
Kristu Jayanti College


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