Synchronize 2K13 General Event Rules

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Synchronize 2K13 General Event Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 17, 2013 5:43 pm

Rules for Registration
1. 5th August 2013 will be last date for the registration of Synchronize ’13 events.
2. The assessment of each group will be based on the participation of students.

3. It is mandatory for a student to participate in the respective event for which he/she has been registered. Failure to do so will result in deduction of one point from his/her group total points.

4. For the events Video Editing & Photography, Morphing, Web designing the maximum number participants should not exceed 16 per group (8 teams).

5. For the events Google Hunt, Fuzzy Logic, Coding and debugging, lecture contest, IT Quiz, Tech crack, Stat event and Math event there is no restriction in the number of teams participating for the event. Each team has 2 members.

6. Gaming, IT Manager, and IT marketing are individual events and there is no restriction in participation.

7. For the event Product Launch, only one team per group. (7 member team) and the time allotted for is 5+1 minutes.

8. Fuzzy logic and stat event is happening on same time so make ensure that registration is done accordingly.

Guidelines for Events
• Lecture Contest and Product Launch - The participant will have to submit the Synopsis on or before 13th August 2013 to the respective event staff coordinator.
• The staff coordinators of Morphing and Web designing has to ensure that the images required are stored in the corresponding repository on the previous day   scheduled for the event.
• Lecture Contest - The power point presentation (Softcopy) of the participants has to be submitted to the respective staff coordinator on or before 26th August 2013. Staff coordinator of the respective event has to ensure that the presentations are loaded to the college laptop on 30th August 2013 before 10 AM.
• IT Quiz– The staff coordinator has to ensure that the software’s required for the event has been installed on the (college) laptop on 30th August 2013 before 1 PM.
1. The Staff coordinator  of Google  Hunt, Video Editing & Photography, Web Designing, Gaming, Stat Event, Morphing, Coding and Debugging  has to ensure that, the software(s) required for the event has to be loaded to the required systems in the respective computer laboratory on the previous day scheduled for the respective event.  The staff coordinator should identify the systems used for the respective event on the previous day scheduled for the event.
2. The video editing and photography staff coordinator should collect the unedited rushes captured by the student on 26th August 2013 and the same should be provided to them on the day of the event.
 Without ID card, participant will not be allowed to participate in the event.
 Any sort of malpractices will result in disqualification of team.
 For team events no exchange of partners are allowed.
 Late comers for any event will not be given extra time.
 For any further clarifications regarding the events, participants can contact the staff event coordinators or group staff coordinators.
 Participation for events carry points(One point for each participant for an event)
 If a student does not participate in any event one point will be deducted from the group points.

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